Maureen Cavanaugh
Born Omaha, Nebraska
LIves in Brooklyn, New York

Bachelors of Fine Arts College of Santa Fe 1999, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions

2018             Marymount University, Cody Gallery, “Here Now” curated by Adam Parker Smith and Meaghan Kent, Arlington, Virginia

                     Arts + Leisure “Summer of Love”  curated by Nick Lawrence, New York, New York

                     SPRING/BREAK art show, “Here Now” In Collaborations with the International High  School in Queens, curated by                                                  Adam Parker Smith, New York, New York

2017             DNA Residency 2017 Exhibition, Provincetown, Massachusetts

2016             The Museum of Painters of Oaxaca (MUPO), "PaintersNYC", Oaxaca, Mexico    

                      Neesh @BOS 2016, curated by Fran Holstrom Brooklyn, New York

                      DORCHESTER ART PROJECT, "Interiors" Curated by Eric Stefanski Boston, Massachusetts                                      

2015              Páramo Galería, "PaintersNYC," Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

2014              Denny Gallery, Share This! Appropriation After Cynicism, New York, New York 

2013              LILAC, "DiA" Organized by Site 95 and Meaghan Kent, Hudson River, New York

                      Hal Bromm Gallery, "Lost and Found" curated by Fran Holstrom New York, New York

                      106Green, SPLONK!, curated by Holly Coulis, Brooklyn, New York 

                      Lu Magnus, Thanks, New York, New York

2012 Freight + Volume, "MIE: A Portrait by 35 Artists" curated by Nick Lawrence and Mie Iwatsuki, New York, New York
2011 The Pentagon, "Dead in August", curated by Meaghan Kent, Brooklyn, New York
  Casey Kaplan Gallery, "Everything Must Go", A Project With Cerámica Suro Guadalajara, Mexico; Organized by José Noé Suro and Eduardo Sarabia, New York, New York
  Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education, ":)", Curated by Carolyn Salas, Fran Holstrom, and Brent Birnbaum, Bronx, New York

Sibley Gallery, "Lady Like" New Orleans, Louisiana

Edward Thorpe Gallery, "Talk Show" New York, New York

  Edward Thrope Gallery, "Turning Overa New Leaf: Selected Botanical Works" New York, New York
2009 Automat, "Bail Out Inertia" curated by Jonathan Boug Belli Los Angeles, Californica
  The Johnson County Heritage Trust, "Prairie Placard Project" curated by Kaite McCory Iowa City, Iowa

31GRAND "Stay with Me" New York, New York

31GRAND, "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" New York, NY Admirer, 31GRAND, New York, New York

Jackson Art Works, "The Past is Present" Omaha, Nebraska

  31GRAND, "Admirer" Curated by Maureen Cavanaugh New York, New York
2007 31GRAND, "No New Tale to Tell" New York, New York
2006 Joslyn Art Museum, "Art on the Edge" Omaha, Nebraska
  Sixtyseven gallery, "Hello Sunday" Curated by Holly Coulis New York, New York

31GRAND, "Lovey Loverson" New York, New York

Alona Kagan Gallery, "From The Root To The Fruit" Curated by David Hunt, New York, New York

  31GRAND, "Heavenly Creatures" Brooklyn, New York
  University of Illinois at Chicago, Gallery 400, "Interested Painting" Curated by Andreas Fischer and William Staples, Chicago, Illinois
  Claudia Groeflin, "Honeymoon with Romeo" Curated by Holly Coulis, Basel, Switzerland
2004 Mark Moore Gallery, "Rock" Santa Monica, California
  Colby College Museum of Art, "Contemporary Painting" Curated by Alex Katz, Waterville, Maine
2003 31GRAND, "Dealer's Choice" Brooklyn, New York
  Magnitude Gallery, New York, New York
  O'Keefe Gallery, "Irish Art Exhibition," Omaha, Nebraska
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"Contemporary Painting", Catalog Curated by Alex Katz, Waterville, Maine
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - MCASD La Jolla, La Jolla, California
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